Friday, May 6, 2011

4th lesson: Preposition

Prepositions is a word that relates words in a sentence. There are a few types of preposition:
  • Direction
  • Time
  • Place
  • Cause
  • Manner
  • Amount

However, in this lesson, I will only focus on Preposition of Direction, Time and Place.

Preposition of Direction express movement toward something. It consists of to, onto and into.
  • to = the goal or destination is physical.
  • onto = the goal is a surface
  • into = the goal is the inner part of things.
For example:
  • We are going to Paris.
  • Lina will be coming to my house.
  • He leaped onto the table.
  • The fish was washed up onto the the surface.
  • Put your clothes into the basket.
  • You will get into a big trouble if you do so.

Preposition of Time shows at what time will something occur. It consists of at, in and on.
  • at = shows specific time.
  • in = shows months, years, centuries, and a long period.
  • on = shows dates and days.
For example:
  • The show will start at 3.00pm today.
  • I will be at the faculty at 8.00am.
  • I was born in February.
  • PC Fair will take place in June next year.
  • Your submission date is on Friday.
  • We wont be having classes on Saturday anymore.

Preposition of Place will be used when we want to show the location of things. It consists of at, in and on.
  • at = to show exact location.
  • in = to show enclosed space.
  • on = to show the surface.
For example:
  • I will be waiting you at the bus stop near your house.
  • He is looking for the missing coin at the junction.
  • I am doing my work in my room.
  • He is doing his research in the library.
  • Please hang the picture on the wall.
  • The sticker on the cover is confusing.

Now, try to complete these sentences.


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